Music and Sound

Music and medicine have walked hand in hand since the beginning of time.

Vikrampal's sounds are a massage for the Soul.

Vikrampal’s recordings are made in a professional studio to ensure the best possible experience for you. We recommend using headphones and a good playback system. In his gong creations, he uses various instruments that connect us with nature and the cosmos, linking heaven and earth. It’s a complete gong therapy in every sound.

His tracks combine a gong base with other ancestral instruments, therapeutic frequencies, binaural beats, and isotonic sounds, taking us on a journey to expanded states of consciousness. This leads to emotional release and, at the same time, a state of profound relaxation and well-being.

Listen here:

Vikrampal's sounds connect me with the depth of the ocean. I feel them so deeply, so much a part of my silence, that I feel myself rising, floating with my arms alongside my body. What peace.

Vikrampal's Sound First Aid Kit

We are living in an unprecedented situation that will surely go down in human history. A shift in cycles on several levels: Climate Change; Technological Change, towards a digital society; Global economic change, with China at the forefront, and a pandemic that has further polarized us.

To navigate through this change, it is crucial to maintain calmness. To not be swept away by irrational fear or collective neurosis. Strengthening the immune system and entering deep sleep at night are essential.

Sound therapy with gong is a highly effective method for harmonizing the imbalances caused by what we call illness. Which we cannot understand without its polarity: Health.

We are healthy when we are in good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual shape, and also when we are harmoniously integrated into society, through our profession or activity, and in full connection with nature and the cosmos.

In this sound first aid kit, I will share with you my “medicine music,” for your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual body. In gong sound therapy, we work with several basic principles, with the power of intention being the most potent in my personal experience. We also work with different targeted frequencies and binaural beats that create a resonance capable of synchronizing and harmonizing the body’s cells.

Sound Therapy: Notes towards Well-being

Embark on a journey of deep healing through sound therapy, where you will experience harmony and balance as resonant vibrations envelop you, releasing stress and restoring your soul.

The Healing Power of Sound Therapy and Gong.

Discover the benefits of this ancient healing practice, which combines therapeutic and resonant sounds of the gong to calm the mind, relax the body, and nurture the soul. This therapy will allow you to release energetic blockages, renew your vitality, and find a state of harmony and serenity within yourself. Embark on a path to healing and find peace through gong sound therapy!


AMAZING!!! It cleanses your entire energy field, and truly brings changes to your life... A HELP FOR SOME AND FOR ALL!!!

 Luís S.

Great and extraordinary what you are creating, may God, light, and the universe continue to guide you to share your experience, a thousand thanks.

Aide Rodriguez

Simply spectacular!!! I love the sounds and it has helped me a lot to heal my DNA. The truth is that it makes me realize how valuable and powerful our body is. And our spirit too!!!

Cris Rivera

Wonderful what you feel. Thank you thank you thank you, Master.

Gladys Galíndez

Thank you very much! Wonderful relaxing and regenerative vibration.

Lérida Muñoz

Yesterday I attended the Gong bath at Espacio Ronda. Thank you Vikrampal, you radiate so much peace that just your presence helps to feel that peace that we so eagerly desire.

Lérida Muñoz

Wonderful audio arrives at the moment my body needed it. I came home exhausted from work and with severe menstrual pain. I aromatized the room with mandarin essential oil and lit a candle to create a warm atmosphere, I lay down, breathed deeply and consciously, and listened to the audio twice in a row... I'm like new!! It calmed the pain quite a bit and as I listened, I felt a vibration like strong tingling with heat running through my hands, arms, stomach, and belly. Thank youuuuuuu for creating it and for sharing it.

Lérida Muñoz

Wow!!!! Amazing!!! It's fantastic for the back contraction I have... what a whirlwind!!!!

Rosade Pons

Wow!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Incredible how it goes straight to my affected areas! Wonderful.

Sandra Higgins

Beautiful very beautiful. Thank you Vikrampal for spreading well-being. Those frequencies suit me very well. Thank you from the heart.

Mónica Alcantarilla.

Beautiful sounds that transport us and make us feel a connection with the divine and nature

Gloria Amparo Angel

This is one of the best Gong Relaxation I have heard so far, beautiful mystical journey.

Saskia Cleary

Wonderful energy that you transmit through this beautiful musical vibration. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lucia Zapata

Thank you for sharing this beautiful music. It has done me a lot of good to listen to it, in a delicate moment of my emotional life.

Inmaculada Moreno

50 minutes of relaxation under the action of vibratory frequencies gives a certain inner peace. With the Gong between Heaven & Earth, it's quite pleasant.

Claude Artephius Pairoux

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sound therapy with gong is safe and suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. However, it is important to inform the therapist about any medical condition or previous sensitivity.

The gong sound therapy recordings allow you to enjoy the healing effects anytime, anywhere. You can immerse yourself in a deep relaxation and restoration experience from the comfort of your home.

Binaural beats are a type of auditory technology that uses two tones of slightly different frequencies, played in each ear, to create a perception of a third tone. This phenomenon is known as “binaural beating” and can produce various effects in the brain, such as relaxation, concentration, or stimulation, depending on the frequency used. In sound therapy, binaural beats are used to induce specific mental states and enhance the therapeutic effects of the sound experience.

Isotonic sounds are a technique used in sound therapy, especially in gong sound therapy. They consist of a combination of tones and rhythms that are adjusted to the desired brainwave frequency, with the aim of inducing deep relaxation, energetic balance, and well-being. Isotonic sounds are used to stimulate and harmonize the nervous system, promoting healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. In gong sound therapy, isotonic sounds are integrated into sessions to enhance the healing effects of the gong and facilitate connection with our inner being.

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