The Path of Vikrampal

Vikrampal is a yogi, a pioneer in Spain in Gong Sound Therapy, and a leading figure internationally in the use of the Gong in Kundalini Yoga and Sound Therapy. Throughout his spiritual journey, he has grown simultaneously and synergistically in his roles as a therapist, mentor, musician, and facilitator.

Love begins with self-love

Human Being

He was born on January 30th into a family that has provided wonderful opportunities for him to work through his Karma. His family system is marked by the murder of his paternal grandfather a few days before the start of the civil war and by the death of one of his brothers at just 20 months old. Healing this pain within the family system has been a very important part of his journey.

With a degree in Economics and Business Administration, since 1990 he has been directing the family business and was a professor at the Pontifical University of Comillas (ICAI-ICADE) until April 30, 2012. On March 15, 2009, he received a visit at home that pushed him to change his life, to reconnect with his gifts, to understand and accept his mission.

From there, he began a process of transformation, growth, and opening of consciousness that has brought him to the present moment. He delves into the path of personal growth, spirituality, meditation, and Kundalini Yoga. In parallel, sound emerges and he discovers its healing power, so he begins to train as a musician and therapist.

His participation as a teacher at the 3HO international festival launches his professional career and this leads him to spread the sound of the gong throughout France, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

His trips to Japan, China, India, and Nepal deeply transform him, and he commits to expanding meditation and the gong as tools for awakening consciousness, improving health, and well-being. His trainings are characterized by the depth and transformation of the participants. For many, it has meant a change in their lives and the beginning of a new stage. He has now begun his work as a Mentor and is guiding a new generation of professional therapists in more than 20 countries.

His Mission

To spiritualize matter and break with the scarcity patterns of the spiritual world. Awakening consciousness through the healing power of sound. To ensure that in every yoga center, therapy room, and household there is a gong and a space for meditation, for emotional release, for deep relaxation, and reconnection.

Therapist and Mentor

Since 2014, Vikrampal has simultaneously pursued the paths of Therapeutic Sound and Kundalini Yoga, training in various fields such as Music Therapy (Master’s from the Autonomous University of Madrid – Faculty of Medicine), Personal Development and Systemic Therapy, Social Triformation, and Anthroposophy.

He has developed his own system of Gong Sound Therapy, combining the power of sound with access to the quantum field of infinite possibilities, meditation, and Kundalini yoga pauris, for Personal and Spiritual Growth.

In both his therapeutic sessions and the workshops and conferences (both in-person and online) he has facilitated, transformational experiences have been lived on different levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, and consciousness awakening.

During the Pandemic, Vikrampal initiated a meditative movement which led to the book: “Therapy for oneself” collecting the group meditations held during confinement.

In 2020, he began mentoring students who want to take the next step and start their entrepreneurial projects, as well as professionals who are on a spiritual quest.

Events and Festivals:

In Spain

  • Kundalini Yoga Guru Ram Das Festival, Galicia (Aeky, 2015, 2016).
  • World Yoga Day – Madrid (2014, 2016).
  • Harmonic Singing Encounter in Gredos – (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019).
  • Aeky Congress: Kundalini Yoga for addictions (2015).
  • Preparation class for Tantra Yoga Blanco (Aeky-3HO. 2018).
  • International Forum of Occult Sciences (Madrid, 2014, 15, 17).
  • Speaker at “The Antidote is You” (Madrid, 2022 and 2023).


  • Kundalini Yoga: 3HO Festival – France (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019).
  • Gong Conference: 3HO Festival – France. (2017). Ada Devinderjit (Germany) & Vikrampal Singh (Spain).
  • Kundalini Yoga Workshop: Crossing the Hour of Death. Ängsbacka – Sweden (2016, and 2017).
  • Gong Training: Hässleholm – Sweden (2017).
  • Healing Gong Therapy Training: Björketorp / Molkom – Sweden (2017).
  • Kundalini Yoga and Gong: Free Spirit Festival – Kaluga, Tarusa (Russia) (2017).
  • Gong Training: Moscow – Russia (2017, 2018, and 2019).
  • Gong and Sound Therapy – Mexico (2019 and 2021), Chile, and Argentina.
  • “Holistyczny–„WolneEmocje” Festival: Obórki, Poland 2021.
  • In 2014, I created The Gong School and in 2020 the online Gong Sound Therapy training. To date, more than 2,000 people from all over the world have been trained with me.
  • Gong Tour 2022: Sound Therapy trainings, conferences, and concerts in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico.
  • Gong Tour 2023: Sound Therapy trainings, conferences, and concerts in Colombia, Ecuador, USA (Miami), Spain, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico.

Vikrampal in the media

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