Gong Meditations (English)

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The gong is a sacred and ancestral instrument for healing, rejuvenation and transformation. In Kundalini yoga we do not regard it is a musical instrument; for us it is one of the most sublime tools a Yogi can use. In this book you will learn key aspects to play some Gong meditations and enhance their therapeutic effect.

In this book you will find directions to play in class the following meditations:

Meditation to define your own Nobility

Meditation for a clear mind

Meditation to fight fear

Gong meditation for ecstasy (Sada Sat Kaur, France, August 2014)

Meditation to rejuvenate the parasympathetic nervous system

Gong meditation to be happy during crises (Sada Sat Kaur, France, August 2015)

The Gong and Nervous System Regeneration

Kirtan kriya with gong

Gong meditation to heal addictions

Gong meditation: Adi Shakti mantra

Gong meditation to receive the healing sound of infinity

The Gong and Projection into Sach Khand

Gong and Sat Kriya

Gong Meditation to enter Shunya

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