International Workshops by Vikrampal


1) Education, University name | School: Degree in Economics and Business Administration Pontifical University of Comillas (UPCO), Professor at the Pontifical University of Comillas (1.990-2014) , Kundalini Yoga Monitor  (K.R.I). Manager of a Tooling Company (1.984-2.012),
Sun Gazing (Solar Yoga according Hira Ratan Manek), Personal Development and Systemic Therapy, Threefold Social and Anthroposophy, Gong Master Training,
Sound Therapist (C.M.E.M.), Volunteer in the palliative unit at the Hospital San José , Madrid (2.016).

2) Certificates of training programs and seminars, teachers’ names that have influenced your personal practice and professional activities.

Authentic Relationships with Sarabjit Kaur Khalsa

Vitality & Stress with Kartar Singh

Mind & Meditation with Ambrosio and Andrea Martens

Conscious Communication with Ambrosio and Andrea Martens

Gong Master Training (2013, 14, 15) with Don Conreaux, Tom Soltrom (2.014, 16,17), Mehtab Benton (2.016)

More about me:

Vikrampal Singh | Spain I was born on January 30, 1962. I came after the death of my brother, healing this pain in my family system has been a very important part of my way. I studied Business Administration and directed the family business until 30 April 2012. On 15 March 2009 I received a visit at home that pushed me to change my life, to reconnect with my gifts, to understand and accept my mission. From there I began a process of transformation, growth and opening of consciousness that has brought me here, where I have the opportunity to share the road with you.

How i started kundalini yoga practice:

Every morning for a year, the first hour of the day I was on the street with a friend from childhood and she told me every day: «Victor you have to go to a class of kundalini yoga.» And I would answer, «I’m karate, yoga is not for me.» I took a year to go since I heard about kundalini yoga until I went to that first class. I practiced karate (more than 35 years of practice) and felt in my first class as the energy moved inside my body, it was incredible. I will never forget my first class of kundalini yoga. I start going regularly to kundalini classes and I quit my karate practice. Then I wanted to go deeper and started training teachers, I did not intend to teach, I just wanted to know more. I remember a phrase from one of my teachers (Devta Singh): «This training will change your lives,» and it was.

Festivals and workshops:

Kundalini Class preparation for Tantra Yoga Blanco / Madrid-Spain (Aeky-3HO. 2.018).

Healing Gong Therapy Training: Björketorp  / Molkom- Sweden (2.017).

Free Spirit Festival,  Kaluga, Tarusa (Russia). july 2017.

European Yoga Festival France 3HO (2.015, 2.016 and 2.017).

Gong Conference: International Yoga Festival France 3HO (2.017).

Kundalini Spirit Gathering, Ängsbacka, Sweden, (2.016, 2.017).

Festival de Kundalini Yoga Guru Ram Das, Spain (2.016, 2015).

Kundalini Yoga para las adicciones. Congreso Nacional Aeky (2.015). Aluenda, Spain.

Dia Mundial del Yoga – Madrid, Spain (2.014, 2016)

Use of Gong in Kundalini Yoga (2.017), Yoga Rum, Sweden

Encuentro de Armónicos, Gredos, Spain (2.016 y 2.017)

Congreso Aeky: Kundalini Yoga para las adicciones (2.015)



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